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Our Patient Care

Endodontic treatment focuses on treating the tooth from the inside out. Treatments include root canal therapy, vital pulp therapy and the management of dental trauma. To learn more about endodontic treatment, click here.

The Department of Endodontics provides patient care at three clinics within the UNC School of Dentistry: the student clinics, the graduate/resident student clinics and the Dental Faculty Practice. If you are a patient hoping to receive care from our department, visit the appropriate clinic website through the links above.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency:

During working hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., please contact your service provider. If you have not been assigned a service provider please contact the endodontic clinic receptionist at (919) 537-3993 for further assistance.

During non-working hours, weekends and holidays, if you are unable to contact your service provider and you feel this is a true emergency, please contact UNC Hospitals at (919) 966-4131 and ask for the dental resident on call.

To Dental Office Referring Patients to the UNC School of Dentistry for an Endodontic Procedure:

We’d like to first thank you for the referrals for endodontic treatment that you’ve made to us in the past, and to take this time to update the information you may currently have regarding referrals for endodontic treatment to the UNC School of Dentistry.

When you are referring a patient to our clinics:

1) Send a faxed referral to our clinic receptionist at (919) 445-2860. In the fax, please legibly note the patient’s name, date of birth, the tooth number(s) being referred, the date you saw the patient, and the reason for the referral.

2) A day or two after you’ve sent the fax, the patient (or responsible party) must call the clinic receptionist at (919) 537-3993 to schedule a consultation appointment. Because of the volume of calls made to the clinic on any given day, we ask that whoever is calling to schedule the appointment keep calling until he/she is able to speak directly with the clinic receptionist. We wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to get your patient scheduled as soon as possible.

At the consultation appointment, the patient will be charged for an exam and x-ray, and, if he/she is in pain at the time of the appointment, emergency treatment can be provided to get the patient out of pain until he/she can be assigned to a dental student or endodontic resident to have the procedure completed. Because fees for the dental school clinics can change on a yearly basis, the clinic receptionist will let the patient (or responsible party) know what the current fees for the exam, x-ray and emergency treatment are when the call is made to schedule the appointment.

Referrals will be held at the reception desk for a period of three (3) months.

After endodontic treatment has been completed, the patient will be referred back to you to have a final restoration placed, preferably within 60 days, for the best prognosis of the tooth/teeth that had endodontic treatment.

We look forward to continuing to help you with your patients’ endodontic needs.