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Research - Clinical Studies

Clinical Study Title

UNC HIV Oral Health Demonstration Project

****** Not currently enrolling new participants in this Clinical Study. ******

Description/Purpose of the Study

One of the most important features in the treatment of HIV disease is the identification of clinical signs of disease progression, and decreases in immune system functioning. The early identification of signs of disease progression is useful to assess the effectiveness of therapies, and /or initiate new medical interventions. Some people remain unaware of their HIV status; even though, opportunistic infections are occurring, especially in the mouth. Previous research has shown diagnosis of these oral infections to be useful tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

IRB Study #: 07-1431
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque, DDS, PhD
UNC Department: Dept. of Dental Ecology and Research


Inclusion Criteria

You are being asked to be in the study because you:

Exclusion Criteria

You should NOT be in this study if you:

Contact Information

Name: Jo-Ann A. Blake, RDH,MPH
Phone: 919-843-4891