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Research - Clinical Studies

Clinical Study Title

Clinical Investigation of a New Low-Shrink Resin Composite Restorative in the Restoration of Posterior Teeth

****** Not currently enrolling new participants in this Clinical Study. ******

Description/Purpose of the Study

3M ESPE, a prominent dental products manufacturer, has introduced a new tooth-colored material to be used for dental restorations (fillings). The material shrinks less than other tooth-colored materials, a considerable advantage because many of the problems associated with traditional materials (including tooth sensitivity and breakdown of the restoration) are caused by shrinkage. The manufacturer anticipates that it could provide restorations that last longer than current filling materials. The purpose of this research study is to determine whether this is the case.

IRB Study #: 05-3012
Principal Investigator: Dr. Edward J. Swift, Jr.
UNC Department: Operative Dentistry


Inclusion Criteria

You are being asked to be in the study because you:

Exclusion Criteria

You should NOT be in this study if you:

Contact Information

Name: Shannon Tate
Phone: 919-966-5237