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Office of Computing and Information Systems

How to change your password using Dentistry Webmail

Faculty, Staff, and Residents (e-mail ending in

You can change your Dentistry password through Outlook Web Access.  Your Dentistry Network account password will also change along with your email password.

You will see a password expiration notification in the top toolbar when you login to Outlook Web Access.  The notification will warn that your password will expire starting 14 days before a password change is required.


Fig 1: Password expiration notice

Click the options tab on the left folder pane and then click the change password button in the right pane.


Fig 2: Change Password Button

Enter your Dentistry account information to change your password.

Type dentistry in the Domain box, use your dentistry login name in the account box, type in your current password and type in your new password twice.  Then click OK.

NOTE: your new password must follow these rules:


Fig 3: Password change box

If you enter the domain or account wrong you will get an error message.  You will need to close the Internet Service Manager box and click the Change Password button again.


Fig 4: Domain/Account failure box

If all of the password rules were met, your password will be successfully changed.  The following box will appear.


Fig 5: Password Change Success

If the password change rules were not followed you will need to retry the password change procedure.  Click the Back button and renter the domain, user account, and current password fields.  Make sure that your new password meets the requirements.


Fig 6: Password Failure

Last Modified: 07/27/2010