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Office of Computing and Information Systems

Computers Supported by OCIS

For information on support for student computing, see the “Student Computing Support” link on the OCIS website. 

Computers purchased through the UNC CCI contract with Lenovo

OCIS offers full support for School of Dentistry computers bought through the UNC CCI contract with Lenovo (formerly IBM). Models available include 4 laptop models, a desktop model and a tower model.  See our departmental “purchasing equipment” link for more information.  We offer software support locally and will manage hardware repairs for you through the CRC (UNC Computer Repair Center).

Windows-based PCs not on the CCI contract

OCIS offers only software support for Windows-based PCs not on the CCI contract. 
Purchase of such computers must be approved beforehand and will only be approved for special applications that have requirements that cannot be met by the Lenovo models.  You will be responsible for your own hardware support which must be purchased as a 3 or 4 year on-site support contract with the vendor.  See our special instructions under the departmental “purchasing equipment” link for more information on obtaining approval and making special orders.

Macintosh computers and Linux-based PCs

OCIS does not offer software or hardware support for Macintosh computers and Linux-based PCs. 
Given our limited support resources, lack of training, and lack of experience with the Macintosh and Linux-based PCs, we are unable to offer support for these computers, This restriction also applies to Macs running Windows in emulation mode, since this configuration still present us with set-up issues, unknown compatibility issues, and unknown security risks.   The campus support group (ITRC) offers limited Mac and Linux support.  If you want to use a Macintosh computer on the UNC network, you will have to register it through the DHCP server on campus in order to obtain an IP address (for online instructions click here). Such registration will give you access to the Internet and some campus resources, but you will not be on the Dentistry Windows domain and will not have access to our Windows servers and applications such as the EPR.  For help with this setup, call 962-HELP or visit the ITRC in the basement of the Health Sciences Library.  If you want to access Dentistry e-mail from a Mac, you can use Exchange web-mail from the “Web-Mail” Quick-Link on the School of Dentistry homepage. 

Last Modified: 10/07/2009