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Human Resources

Faculty Recruiting Policy

The School of Dentistry has prepared this policy regarding faculty recruitment to provide guidance to all those involved in the recruitment of prospective faculty members, to provide for equal treatment of candidates, and to ensure consistent use of resources among departments in the conduct of recruitment.  This policy addresses how best to execute the recruitment process from the authorization of a recruitment to the acceptance of an offer.  It should be used in conjunction with the Faculty Recruitment Guidelines.  Those guidelines relate more to the financial aspects of recruitment, while this policy provides guidance with the entire administration of a recruitment effort.

Department Chair Responsibilities: The Department Chair should complete the “Prior Approval Form for EPA/EPA Non-Faculty Recruitment” to initiate the recruitment process.  The form will provide the Dean with information regarding anticipated effort of the new faculty, anticipated funding of salary, space needs, and how the position relates to the short-term and long-term plans of the department. The Chair should consider the potential of a position to collaborate with other departments when assessing the anticipated effort.  Once the form is completed it should be submitted to the Dean for review and approval.  The Dean may discuss the requested recruitment with the Chair.  Once the Dean signs the form the Chair is authorized to begin the recruitment process.  The signed form will be returned by the Dean to the Chair for notification and the Chair should send a copy to the Office of Human Resources.

The Department Chair or designee is responsible for initiating the necessary paperwork related to the recruitment process. After the search committee is formed, the Chair should file the “Recruitment Plan” or EOF-1 with the School’s Office of Human Resources.  The Office of Human Resources can also provide guidance at this point regarding the timeline for upcoming forms.  Human Resources will notify the department once EEO has approved the recruitment plan, and at that point, advertisements can be placed.

Search Committee: The Department Chair will appoint a Chair for the search committee.  This Chair, in conjunction with the Department Chair, will determine who will serve on the search committee.  It is recommended that the composition of a committee represent the diversity within the School.  Consideration should be given to placing minorities and females on the committee and at least one member of the search committee should be outside the hiring department/area.  An explanation will be required by EEO if minorities and/or women are not included on the search committee.  In general, the total number of members on the committee should not exceed five, including the Chair. 

A determination should be made as to where to effectively advertise the faculty position (See Faculty Recruitment GuidelinesAdvertising the Position).  Once CVs are received from prospective candidates, an initial assessment of qualified candidates is performed by the search committee. Telephone interviews should be considered whenever appropriate to make final determinations of who should be invited to campus for interviews.  Once candidates are identified for campus visits, but before those candidates have been asked to visit, the department should send copies of their CV’s to the Dean for approval and for budgeting of travel costs.  The Dean’s Office will fund the travel and entertainment costs associated with the interviews, but only to the extent as allowed in the Faculty Recruitment Guidelines.  At this point when the applicant pool has been narrowed to the candidates to be interviewed, an “Interim Equal Opportunity Statement” or EOF -2 should be completed.

On-site Interviews:  On-site interviews should be conducted in a consistent manner.  Feedback should be given to the search committee by all those participating in the interview process, including those attending meals with the candidate.  As much as possible, each department should attempt to have the same individuals interviewing each candidate under similar conditions.  Each interviewee should meet with the Chair of the candidate’s future home department.  Each interviewee should present a departmental seminar based upon the candidate’s scholarly area of interest.  The candidate’s seminar should be broadly advertised to the School of Dentistry to ensure strong attendance. 

The hiring department/area should take care to coordinate travel and School visits to ensure candidates are handled professionally and efficiently.  Departments should provide a tour of the School’s facilities, arrange interview with the Dean, arrange interviews with pertinent administrators, arrange inter-departmental interviews as appropriate, provide information on University resources, and provide information on community resources.  A “personal touch” should be given during the interview process as much as possible.  Consideration should be given to accompanying candidates from hotel to the School, accompanying the candidate to a dinner, providing materials regarding the town of Chapel Hill, attending a University sponsored event, touring the campus, and providing a token UNC School of Dentistry gift. Additional information and suggested campus visit timelines are provided at Faculty Guidelines under “On-campus Visit of Prospective Candidate.” 

The search committee should always meet at the conclusion of the interview process to properly evaluate all feedback, discuss each candidate interviewed, and determine which candidate should receive an offer.  The chair of the search committee should then inform the Dean’s Office of that selection.  It is advisable for the search committee to rank candidates whenever appropriate so as to have an alternate selection.

Preferred Candidate: Once the preferred candidate is selected for an offer, the Department Chair should work with the Associate Dean for Research to determine research start-up requirements and with the Dean’s Office to discuss and determine an appropriate salary, start-up package, start-date, fringe benefits, spousal hire potential, and other matters related to the Terms & Conditions (T & C) to secure an acceptance.  Please confer with Human Resources to determine a realistic start-date, given that time is needed for approvals on campus and with School of Dentistry Full Professors.  At this juncture, the “Final Equal Opportunity Statement” or EOF-3 should be completed and work should begin to obtain three letters of recommendation. 

Determination of Compensation Package: The Dean’s Office determines an appropriate starting salary and total compensation package for the preferred candidate.  The Department Chair is encouraged to discuss salary issues with the Dean to assist in determining the most effective compensation package given market conditions and School resources.  Everyone’s goal is to gain acceptance of an offer at this point, and the Dean’s Office will give complete consideration to all available funding resources while attempting to maintain an equitable salary structure with current faculty.  Also, the Dean’s Office will explore the use of non-traditional benefits (memberships, season tickets to athletic or cultural events) which may be made available in the structure of a competitive compensation package.

Depending upon the preference of the Department Chair, either the Chair or the Dean may present the Terms & Conditions (T&C) letter (including salary) to the preferred candidate and be the contact point for any additional negotiations.  Any changes requested by the candidate to the T&C, must be approved by the Dean’s Office.  If the Department Chair chooses to present the initial T&C, it is important that no salary information (i.e. range, maximum) be conveyed prematurely to the candidate. Providing salary information too early could compromise the School’s negotiating position and create unrealistic expectations on the part of the candidate.