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Financial Affairs

Faculty Recruitment Guidelines

Advertisement of Position

The advertisement of a faculty position to solicit candidates should only occur after the EEO has approved the recruitment plan (EOF-1). Advertising costs to publicize a faculty position should not exceed $1,200. If costs are projected to exceed that amount, please provide a note to the Dean’s Office in advance explaining why additional funds are needed. Be sure to give consideration to postings on web pages. Those are often more economical than print publications and effectively reach a target market. Invoices for this expense can be forwarded to Glen Lawrence for payment processing.

Identification of Prospective Candidates

Telephone interviews are encouraged when appropriate to assist in the identification of those individuals to be invited to campus for interviews. Once prospective candidates are identified for on-campus interviews, the departments should send copies of the prospective candidates’ CVs to the Dean’s Office. Travel costs will be projected and funding sources for on-campus visits will then be identified.

On-Campus Visit of Prospective Candidate

Candidate interview visits should not exceed 2 days, except in the case of lengthy travel distances (west coast, international).

A suggested itinerary is as follows:

First Day: Arrive a.m., tour school and interviews in the p.m.

Second Day: Interviews for a.m. and p.m. with candidate’s afternoon departure for home dependent on distance and/or flight schedules.

The School can reimburse each candidate for airfare, ground transportation, meals, and hotel accommodations.

Airfare – Please encourage each candidate to use the most economical coach airfares.

Ground transportation – Remind the candidate to save receipts.

Meals – Candidates must obtain and submit original and detailed receipts for each meal expense. Candidates may also be scheduled for meals with faculty and/or search committee members during their visit. No more than four persons, including the interviewee, should attend the meal. Spouses of current faculty may attend, but since they are not active participants of the search the Dean’s Office will not reimburse for the spouse’s meal. The host should pay for the dining expense and obtain an original and detailed receipt; submitting credit card receipts is not advised and may result in delayed or partial reimbursement. Along with the receipt, please provide Glen Lawrence with the location of the meal, the names of all attendees and a detailed description of the purpose of the meal. For example, avoid only giving “lunch” as a description. A more acceptable description is "interview lunch with candidate’s name for XXX Position" along with the names of any other faculty who may also attend. Meals or food for faculty to attend a candidate’s presentation(s) will not be reimbursed by the Dean’s Office.

Accommodations – The department should advise and assist the candidate with hotel arrangements. The Carolina Inn is now offering electronic billing. If a department performing a search wants to utilize the Carolina Inn for accommodations, please make the reservations and then complete the room reservation form located here. Once the form is completed, email it to the Dean's Office so electronic billing can be arranged. The Dental School will be billed directly for the lodging and associated taxes, thereby keeping hotel charges off a candidate’s personal credit card. Currently the Carolina Inn is the only hotel in Chapel Hill offering this arrangement. If the Carolina Inn is not used, please ask the candidate to submit the original hotel receipt.

The final step for a recruiting visit involves completing a C Form under the check request system, attaching all original receipts from the candidate’s visit, and forwarding all material to Administrative Accounting.

Updated 4/17/06