*Please make sure to include our project number "4368" on your check to ensure it goes to the correct account*

Your donations make our trip possible! Monies go toward:
- Supplies for dental clinics (toothbrushes, toothpaste, sealants, instruments, anesthetic, etc)
- Toys for children
- Transportation to and from Nepal
- Assisting a population with little or no access to adequate dental care

**The Nepal Project is a non-profit organization, and all donations are handled by the Dental Foundation of North Carolina (DFNC). 

How to Give:

1) Check -  Make check out to "DFNC - Nepal Project - 4368" and mail to:

                    The Dental Foundation of NC

                  UNC School of Dentistry CB#7451    

                                                                         Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7451
2) Online -
Click HERE to donate online via credit card through giving.unc.edu.
               When you click "here" a new window will open to the UNC Giving Site. Then:
                      - Select your method of payment and click "proceed to step 2" a the bottom right
                      - Select "School of Dentistry" from the first drop down box
                      - Select "Nepal Project" from the second drop down box.
                      - Enter a gift amount and continue following the instructions on the page. 

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