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Hispanic Dental Association (HDA)

2010 HDA Spanish Classes

Our 6-Week Spanish Classes will be held on Thursdays afternoons from 5:15-6:15, starting 2/11/10 and ending on 3/25/10. (The only exception will be 3/04/10 because of spring break.)

Our classes will emphasize the speaking and comprehension of Spanish, especially within dental scenarios. The teachers will especially emphasize introductions with your patient, instructions to your patient during the dental appointment, dental terminology, and dental scenarios. The course will be pass/fail and evaluated by weekly oral and written quizzes.

This year's Spanish classes will involve 5 CE classes during lunch (1:10-1:40). At the CE's, a native Spanish speaker will make a presentation related to a particular dental topic (radiology, for example). This may consist of a case presentation, role playing with another native speaker "patient," interpretation during a dentist-patient interaction, etc. In order to receive elective credit for the Spanish classes, you must attend 3 out of the 5 CE's. These CE's will be open to all HDA members. To receive CE credit, students must hand in notes that they've taken during the presentation.

Our new textbook is "Vamos al Dentista,". This handy clinic guide, along with the Spanish classes, will be available to HDA member for $25. If you would like the book, but don't wish to take the classes, the cost is $20 for HDA members. If non-HDA members wish to purchase the book, the cost is $25. Non-HDA members cannot take the Spanish Classes. If you wish to be a member, please fill out the membership form and return it to Ben Thomas (DDS2)

If you wish to purchase the book or the book + classes, please fill out the Spanish classes form and return it to Ben thomas (DDS2)

You will receive an elective credit if you complete the Spanish course. Completion involves attending 5 of the 6 Spanish Classes, paying the $25 fee (covering the book and lessons), completing an HDA sponsored community event, and attending at least 3 of the 5 CE Spanish dental topics. (The elective credit will show up on your transcript as a "special topics" course.) If you complete the course, you will earn a minimum of 1 elective credit.