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Displaying Announcements and Flyers Policy

The School of Dentistry is an active community with numerous fund-raising activities, educational events and special events held throughout the year.  Faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors must be made aware of such activities in a manner that does not detract from the professionalism of the School and create maintenance problems.

Effective May 1, 2009, announcements and flyers are permitted to be displayed in only the following manner and School locations:

Flyers displayed in locations other than those listed above will be removed.

In the event of emerging health and safety issues such as fire alarm testing, campus Public Safety notices and utility outages, Support Services personnel are authorized to post notification in locations as necessary.

Directional signs are exempt from this policy but the following rules govern their use:

They may be placed on walls leading from the entry point to the place of the event or on the glass doors leading from the covered patio area to Old Dental Building – but they should be limited in number and removed immediately after the event.  Directional signs must include the name and date of the event on the sign.

Further guidance on directional signs: When affixing the directional sign to the wall or window, please use a strip of tape diagonally across each of the corners so the sign can easily be removed and no tape left on the wall or glass.

Last Modified: 04/30/2010