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Academic Policies

Dental Hygiene - Infectious Disease Status

Applicants who believe they are at risk of contracting an infectious disease should seek testing and counseling prior to making application to dental school. According to University policy, students engaged in patient care activities are encouraged to know their HIV and HBV status. North Carolina law requires health care workers who know themselves to be infected with HIV or HBV to report themselves to the Chief, Communicable Disease Control Section, North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources. Applicants who are HIV or HBV positive may wish to reconsider their career goals. They must consider: 1) the possibility that they may become disabled during their dental education or early in their career; 2) the infectious hazards that certain aspects of dental practice may pose; 3) the possibility of barriers to training in certain invasive clinical activities that may be imposed while in dental school because of possible hazards to patients; 4) the cost of dental education given personal health and career uncertainties.

Last Modified: 04/30/2010