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Policies, Procedures, and Resources

The UNC School of Dentistry is a covered entity within the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for HIPAA purposes. We follow the University's HIPAA policies and procedures. There are HIPAA privacy and security officers based at the University level and HIPAA privacy and security liaisons within the School of Dentistry. This web page contains information that is consistent with, if not identical to, the University's information. The only modifications of the University's policies and procedures occur when it is necessary to give more details or to give local interpretations specific to the School of Dentistry.


Policies and Procedures



HIPAA Information (e-mail link)

UNC HIPAA Privacy Officer
Holly Benton
Phone: 919-445-0232

UNC HIPAA Security Officer
Kevin Lanning
Phone: 919-445-9391

School of Dentistry HIPAA Privacy Liaison
Dr. Darryn Weinstein
Phone: 919-537-3588

School of Dentistry HIPAA Security Liaison
David Rankin
Phone: 919-537-3485