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General and Oral Health Center



Diabetes Study at the General and Oral Health Center

Gum Disease is a common complication in diabetic patients. Previous studies have found that diabetic patients are two to five times more likely to develop gum disease as compared to the general population1. In addition, the Inflammatory response to gum-disease causing bacteria in type 1 diabetic patients is prolonged and leads to gum disease development and/or progression2.

The biological mechanism that may explain the observed link between diabetes, particularly type 2, and the early stage of gum disease – gingivitis - is not fully understood. Research is being conducted to understand the role of inflammation and the link between type 2 diabetes and gingivitis. This research may help to develop new treatments to prevent the development or progression of gum disease in diabetics.


*Not currently enrolling in this area-please check back at a later date.




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