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Pain Research Forum Webinar: Personalized Pain Medicine: Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Complex Persistent Pain Conditions

Dr. William Maixner
PRF will host a webinar with William Maixner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US, on Wednesday, March 18, at 1:00-2:30 p.m. EDT (5-6:30 GMT/6-7:30 CET).

Maixner will give a talk on what the present and future look like for personalized pain medicine. After his talk, there will be a panel discussion featuring:

Audience participation is encouraged! During the live discussion, participants will be able to submit questions to the panel.

This is how Maixner describes his talk:

Persistent pain conditions frequently overlap and are either untreated or undertreated, since their pathophysiologic origins are largely unknown, and standard therapies have limited effect. In many respects, this represents a silent or hidden epidemic. We are learning more about chronic pain conditions, including that they appear to resemble a mosaic of phenotypes that are further influenced by genetic factors and/or environmental events and exposures. Continued investigation is needed to increase understanding of the complex mechanisms underlying these conditions and the role of biomarkers that trigger them.

In this webinar I will present:

Last Modified: 02/20/2014