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NextGen Training Program

Planned Activities for UNC-CH NextGen Trainees

The purpose of the UNC-CH NextGen Training Program is to develop a cohort of successful, independent, basic, clinical and translational Oral Health Research Scholars who can function as interactive scientists to address the nation's needs in dental, oral and craniofacial research. As designed, our program embraces the full spectrum of basic, translational and clinical research. It includes fundamental mechanisms of human disease, therapeutic intervention, clinical trials, oral epidemiology, social, and behavioral clinical research. Our goal is to create a new cadre of highly interactive scientists who can serve as the next generation of research leaders in academic dentistry and research institutions. A novel aspect of the UNC-CH NextGen Program is that trainees will be guided by preceptors/mentors, many of whom are part of multidisciplinary teams.

In addition to fulfilling the terms and conditions of their admissions/appointments to their curriculum (three Ph.D. degree granting curricula and training in Oral Biology; Health Policy and Management, or Oral Epidemiology; one M.S. degree granting or non-degree curriculum and training for Dentists in Clinical Research; and a postdoctoral fellowship for individuals seeking advanced research opportunities in Oral Biology, Health Policy/Management, or Oral Epidemiology), trainees are required to attend and participate in didactic and experiential activities that are part of the NextGen Core Curriculum. These didactic and experiential activities are listed below: