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Facial Animation Laboratory

Chihiro Tanikawa, DDS, PhD

Chihiro Tanikawa, DDS, PhD

Current Research

A repaired cleft lip is characterized by the presence of scar tissue generally resulting in obvious deformities of the nasolabial region. Currently, surgeons determine whether a patient needs a nasal revision surgery based on subjective assessment of the patients' appearance and function which could result in bias. Development of a systematic method for evaluating and classifying the nasolabial form in patients with cleft lip and/or palate can greatly facilitate surgical treatment planning and outcome assessment. The study objectives are:

  1. To objectively categorize the morphology of different static 3D nasolabial forms.
  2. To evaluate 3D changes in nasolabial forms after revision surgery.

More about this research can be found in Objective Three-Dimensional Assessment of Lip Form in Patients With Repaired Cleft Lip.