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Research - Core Facilities

Cytokine Analysis Facility

Note: This facility has returned to the UNC Campus as of April 2012 and is now located in the new Koury Oral Health Sciences Building on the south wing of the third floor.


Analyses performed: Enzyme linked immuno-assays (ELISA) are currently available for analyses of human fluid samples (e.g. GCF, serum):

The facility also performs various ELISAs (e.g., SAA, porcine insulin) for non-human samples (mice, rats, dogs) and mouse multiplex cytokine panel.

New capabilities include multiplex assays using Luminex/BioPlex 200 and RNA quality assay by Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer (for Dental School personnel only until further notice).

Shipping, CryoStorage, and Processing of a variety of samples: The facility provides bar-coded collection vials for the appropriate tracking of samples, from the collection site, through shipping, receiving, and storage at our facility, and specific analysis of inflammatory markers.

The types of samples processed include, but are not limited to:


Please call us for current pricing information.


David A. Barrow, Ph.D.
Director - UNC Cytokine Analysis Facility
North Carolina Oral Health Institute
3412 Koury Oral Health Sciences Bldg., CB #7455
Chapel Hill , NC 27599-7455

Phone: (919)537-3167
Fax: (919)843-1798

Last Modified: 08/23/2012