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Research - Clinical Studies

Clinical Study Title

Functional Outcomes of Cleft Lip Surgery

****** Not currently enrolling new participants in this Clinical Study. ******

Description/Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to measure (1) how your child’s face and lips look at rest and during various facial movements, (2) the force your child can make when he/she presses his/her lips together, and (3) the feelings on and around your child’s lips.

IRB Study #: 99-1209 Formerly (DENT-3166)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Carroll-Ann Trotman, BDS, MA, MS
UNC Department: Orthodontics


Inclusion Criteria

You or your child may be eligible to participate if you/they have:

Exclusion Criteria

You or your child should not participate if you/they have:

Contact Information

Name: Terry Hartman
Phone: 919-537-3186