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Orofacial Pain Clinic


Your time is valuable, and the Orofacial Pain Clinic has set a streamlined process for securing an appointment so that the process can be as efficient as possible for you. Please review the following information very carefully before contacting the clinic.

First-time prospective patients who wish to make an appointment:

You will need a referral to be seen at the Orofacial Pain Clinic. Please ask your doctor to write a referral letter and mail or fax it to us. Please see the section for referring doctors. Once the clinic receives a referral letter from your doctor, a member of the staff will contact you to arrange an appointment with our pain specialist.

Returning patients:

You will receive a voice message and a letter one week before the scheduled appointment date to remind you of your appointment. Please contact the clinic if you wish to schedule or reschedule your appointment or if you have questions.

Individuals who are interested in participating in clinical research projects:

The Orofacial Pain Clinic conducts numerous clinical trials to generate new knowledge that furthers the understanding of the pathophysiological process that form the basis of persistent pain conditions and related sensory disorders. The goal is to translate new discoveries into clinical practices and procedures that improve the ability to diagnose and treat patients experiencing chronic pain conditions and related sensory disorders.

Please see the section on research for more information on how you can participate in clinical trials currently under way in the Orofacial Pain Clinic.