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UNC Craniofacial Center - Faculty & Staff


Name Department Phone Email
Amelia Drake Center Director,
Distinguished Professor
537-3511 Email Amelia Drake
Luis Andre Pimenta Dental Director,
Dental Ecology
537-3691 Email Luiz Andre Pimenta
David Zajac Director,
Speech-Language Pathology
537-3525 Email David Zajac


Name Department Phone Email
Pat Roush Audiology 843-1396 Email Pat Roush
Luis Andre Pimenta Dental Ecology 537-3691 Email Luiz Andre Pimenta
Austin Rose ENT 966-6483  
Carlton Zdanski ENT 966-6483  
Arthur Aylsworth Genetics 966-4202 Email Arthur Aylsworth
Cynthia Powell Genetics 966-4202 Email Cynthia Powell
Amelia Drake Head & Neck 537-3511 Email Amelia Drake
Brent Golden Oral & Maxillofacial
537-3710 Email Brent Golden
Timothy Turvey Oral & Maxillofacial
537-3710 Email Timothy Turvey
Sylvia Frazier-Bowers Orthodontics 537-3513 Email Sylvia Frazier-Bowers
Lorne Koroluk Orthodontics 537-3513 Email Lorne Koroluk
Emile Rossouw Orthodontics 537-3513 Email Emile Rossouw
Renate Soltmann Orthodontics 537-3513 Email Renate Soltmann
Michael Milano Pediatric Dentistry 537-3782 Email Michael Milano
Margot Stein Pediatric Psychology 537-3510 Email Margot Stein
John van Aalst Plastic & Reconstructive
Lynn Fox Speech Pathology 537-3509 Email Lynn Fox
Maria Romano Spanish Interpreter 537-3539 Email Maria Romano


Name Department Phone Email
Jo-Ann Blake Dental Hygienist 537-3361 Email Jo-Ann Blake
Angie Carlton Center Manager 537-3508 Email Angie Carlton
Haven Taylor Dental Assistant
537-3521 Email Haven Taylor
Jennifer Thompson Administrative Support Associate 537-3511 Email Jennifer Thompson
J.C. Underwood Patient Care
537-3513 Email J.C. Underwood