bOHP Kit

bOHP KitContents of the "bOHP Kit©":

  1. A 13-minute DVD that provides an overview of Early Childhood Caries and focuses on developing interviewing skills with caregivers, examining infants and toddlers, and educating caregivers on oral health related issues.

  2. A written outline of the DVD for the dental team to reference.

  3. A form discussing how to implement bOHP into clinical practice.

  4. A guide to early childhood development and its implication to pediatric dental care.

  5. An educational flip chart accompanying the bOHP form. This outlines important domains related to infant and toddler oral health to help educate caregivers in the dental office.

  6. A bOHP form used for new patient encounters. Part of this form includes the domains outlined in the enclosed caregiver educational flip chart for reference while interviewing a caregiver regarding a child's oral health practices (i.e., questions regarding feeding, oral hygiene, dental trauma, injury prevention). The back of this form includes talking points related to each section. Also included is a section to document clinical findings and recommendations made by the dental team. A copy of this form can be printed from the enclosed DVD.

  7. An infant and toddler oral health resource list with information for both the dental team and caregivers.

  8. An optional two hour Continuing Dental Education credit can be obtained through the University of North Carolina with self-study of the bOHP Kit.

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