wishes to gratefully thank the following contributions

UNC Student Research Group -- and especially the following individuals:

  • DRR Organizing Committee Representatives -- Nazir Ahmad, Annbec Deshield, Shamik Vakil, and Michael Demo

  • Oral Session Moderators -- UNC-SRG

  • Poster Board Construction Crew -- UNC-SRG

School of Dentistry:

  • Office of the Dean -- John Williams

  • Office of Research -- Patrick Flood

Corporate Sponsors:

  • Proctor and Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Premier Dental, 3M ESPE, and Applied Biosystems and Others

NC AADR / DRRD Organizing Committee:

  • NC-AADR Officers -- Rick Padilla, Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque, Eric Everett, and Sylvia Frazier-Bowers

  • NC-AADR School of Dentistry Coordinators -- Warren "Mac" McCollum, Patrick Flood, Tim Wright, Catherine Champagne, Dan Caplan, Catherine Champagne, Tim Wright, David Arnold, Deborah Saine, Tarrl Morley, Kelly Almond, Julia Kampov

  • NC-AADR Webmaster -- Eric Everett