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Course Requirements: You must attend the full day’s events at Dental Research in Review Day (DRRD) as detailed below.  Attendance will be documented by members of the Student Research Group who will initial this form as participate in each event. 

Student Monitors:

Event Location Student Monitor
Morning Poster Session 3rd & 4th Floor Tarrson  
Morning Oral Session 1 Brauer 030 Marshall Long
Morning Oral Session 2 Brauer 464 George Getz
Morning Oral Session 3 Old Dental 150 Katherine Sloan
Lunch and Learn:
Operative – Dentin Proteins; Few Answers & Many Questions - Dr. Lee Boushell
Brauer 344 Ashely Weekes
Lunch and Learn:
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery – 3rd Molars and Periodontal Pathology - Dr. Ray White
Old Dental 3180 Byron Capps
Lunch and Learn:
Periodontics – MicroRNA Modulation of Oral Mucosal Immunity: Implications in Periodontal Disease - Dr. Sal Nares
Brauer 259 Brian Karriker
Lunch and Learn:
Pediatric Dentistry – Making a Tooth: The Good, Bad and Ugly - Dr. Tim Wright 
Old Dental 1220 Paola Uceda, Norma Cortez
Lunch and Learn:
Prosthodontics – Stem cells for Bone Repair in Dentistry - Dr. Lyndon Cooper  
Old Dental 3200 Jonathan Reside
Lunch and Learn:
Diagnostic Sciences – Cone-Beam Computed Tomography: A New Era in Dental Imaging - Dr. Andre Mol
Brauer 464 David Walker
Lunch and Learn:
Orthodontics – Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Oral Appliances. - Dr. Rose Sheats
Old Dental 150 Lauren Rennick
Panel Discussion:
"Dental Research in Different Settings" Dr. Paul Eke from the CDC and Dr. Ronald Hill of Pioneer Surgical Orthobiologics in Greenville.   
Brauer 030 with satellite viewing in Old Dental 150
Brad Lewallen
Lance Miller
Afternoon Oral Session 1 Brauer 030 Allison Cavenaugh
Afternoon Oral Session 2 Brauer 464 Stephanie Chambers