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Dental Hygiene Alumni Association


The UNC Dental Hygiene Program has been in existence since 1953. During this time, over 1400 individuals have graduated from the program. These individuals represent practicing dental hygienists, dental hygiene educators, administrators as well as other career paths.

Our alumni represent the best of Dental Hygiene and are our greatest resource for fostering the future growth and development of our profession. Through participation in the UNC Dental Hygiene Association, we can support the Dental Hygiene Program and share your commitment in maintaining the integrity of our profession.

We can accomplish great things together not only for our association but for the Dental Hygiene Program. Each of us has so much to offer through our participation. Please consider what you can contribute. You may indicate your interests through this website, Fostering the Future or on the membership form if you are interested in becoming a member of our association.

If you are an established member and have not renewed your membership, please considering doing so. If you are not an established member and wish to become a member, we welcome you to become a member. You may choose to join through our annual membership or our new lifetime membership option. We also have a Gift Membership if you are interested in giving a membership as a gift to a fellow alumnus. Membership forms are accessible through this website.