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Visiting Student Program and Policy

  1. Prospective visiting students must:
  2. a.  Submit a letter or email inquiry expressing a desire to become a visiting student
  3. The inquiry must include:
  4. a.  The specific learning objectives of the visit.
    b.  The times the student will be available to visit.

The above information is directed to the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, who then serves as a point of contact for the potential visiting student. Current students are also identified to serve as mentors and hosts to help achieve the educational objectives of the visitors.

If a department prefers to manage their own visiting student program, all student contacts may then be directed to that department. However, the general procedures outlined here, must be followed. In addition, a faculty member must be identified within said department, who would then serve as the mentor and primary contact point for the visiting student.

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs retains final approval of all requests for visiting students entering the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Dentistry.
Once the above is accomplished, the prospective visiting student must:

  1. Complete a Visiting Student Application Form,
  2. Be currently enrolled in good standing at another dental school, documented by a letter of recommendation from their academic dean and other letters or recommendation or transcripts if requested,
  3. Provide any required documentation of vaccination or health status as determined by the Clinical Affairs, Nurse Education Clinician.

Also please note the following:


Visiting students must provide the specific information (described below) to: Clinical Affairs - Nurse Education Clinician, UNC School of Dentistry.

A.  All visiting dental students who will be observing direct patient care must:

B.  All visiting dental students who will be providing direct patient care must: