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Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting Programs

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry has a long history of providing excellence in Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting education. Five academic programs are offered from the Certificate through the Master's degree level. In dental assisting, a ten-month program of study is offered leading to a Certificate in Dental Assisting. In dental hygiene, four curriculum options are available including a Certificate program, a Baccalaureate degree program, a Baccalaureate degree completion program for individuals who have already completed a two-year dental hygiene curriculum, and a Master of Science degree program in Dental Hygiene Education. A full description of each curriculum option is included under the individual program listing.

Dental Hygiene Bachelor of Science Programs

Dental Hygiene Certificate Program

Dental Hygiene Masters Program

Dental Assisting Certificate Program