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Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Admissions Requirements

Students preparing for the study of dentistry are encouraged to complete a regular four-year curriculum leading to the B.A. or B.S. degree. Students not pursuing a degree must complete at least three years of accredited college courses (96 semester hours or 144 quarter hours).

The School of Dentistry will accept a maximum of sixty-four (64) semester hours of credit from an accredited two-year community college or from an accredited online college or university. Any community college or online college or university courses accepted for credit must be acceptable by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UNC-Chapel Hill. Students, however, who have 64 hours of credit from a community college or an online college or university must complete any additional course work at a four-year institution. The following required predental courses must be completed (preferably from a four-year institution) prior to admission:

ALERT (Changes effective October 1, 2012):  Two changes have occurred to the list of prerequisite courses for potential applicants for the entering DDS Class of 2014 - 1) Both BIOLOGY courses must now include laboratories, and 2) an upper level BIOCHEMISTRY course has been added (laboratory not required).

Prerequisite courses must be no more than 5 years old.

Course Semester / Quarter Hours
General biology or zoology (labs required) 8 / 12
Two lecture courses with a minimum of four semester hours each. One course (including lab) must be human anatomy or vertebrate zoology. Both courses must include labs involving vertebrate dissection.
General chemistry (labs required) 8 / 12
Two lecture courses with a minimum of four semester hours each
Organic chemistry (labs not required) 6 / 10
Two lecture courses with a minimum of three semester hours each
Biochemistry (lab not required) 3 / 5
One upper level lecture course with a minimum of three semester hours
Physics (labs not required) 6 / 10
Two college-level courses that will cover basic principles of physics relevant to living things
English 6 / 10
Two semesters that include knowledge ordinarily required of candidates for a degree in an approved college (usually required of freshmen and sophomores)

Click on hyperlink for more specific REQUIRED COURSE information.

Information on how courses will transfer to UNC-CH can be looked up on the UNC-CH Course Transfer Equivalencies Web Site.

Additional preparation: Prospective dental students should consider courses in molecular biology, math, statistics, business, writing skills, computer science, sculpture and art. Students are encouraged to take as many courses as possible in social science, history, literature, economics, philosophy, and psychology.