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Pediatric Dentistry Graduate Program

Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry and Master in Public Health


This dual training program is designed to prepare pediatric dental residents for positions that require a breadth of knowledge of the field of public health. In addition to the courses in specialty of pediatric dentistry, residents in this program will take 13 courses at the School of Public Health (SPH) and participate in a practicum or field training experience. As underscored by our selection by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top two schools in the nation, the SPH is one of the world's premier institutions for training in public health.


The combined pediatric dentistry/MPH curriculum emphasizes a balance between clinical training and systematic learning about health services, management and policy analysis. The combined curriculum includes such courses as:

Three electives are also required and these generally have included such offerings as:


Each graduate student completes several experiences focused on developing skills in scholarship and structured academic research. Each graduate student is expected to complete a research project.


Training lasting six weeks or a practicum within the department or curriculum must be completed. In most instances the practicum is used for data collection that is integral to a research project.


The examination must be taken at least one month before the degree is expected. The focus is on work taken in the SPH and practicum experience.


All requirements of the degree must be completed within five years from time the student first matriculates in the MPH program.


Because this program is a true combined program and SPH courses are integrated into the pediatric dentistry schedule, additional tuition costs are not incurred. There are additional practicum and professional fees.


Applicants first must be accepted as a candidate for the dual program by the Department of Pediatric Dentist and also must be granted admission to the SPH. Immediately following the results of the MATCH, applicants that have been approved by the Pediatric Dental Faculty will be asked to apply for SPH admissions. The Department of Pediatric Dentistry cannot guarantee admission, but we have had great success with this.


Dr. Jessica Lee is appointed dually in our department and SPH’s Department of Health Policy Analysis and Administration and our Department of Pediatric Dentistry. She coordinates the dual program and acts as our liaison to the SPH. Please contact her with any questions at