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Orthodontics Master's Program

Tuition & Fees


In-state Out-of-state
First Year $ 12,494 $ 29,826
Second Year $ 12,494 $ 29,826
Third Year $ 7,346 $ 16,012

Tuition and fees are subject to change at any meeting of the NC Board of Trustees and a yearly increase of 5 - 10% should be anticipated each year. Tuition and fees apply for all years of study and training.

Orthodontic residents are also registered in the UNC Graduate School as candidates for a Master of Science degree. Tuition and fees are usually less during the third year of the program. 


Tuition remission, or the reduction of the out-of-state tuition rate to the rate set for NC residents, is awarded by the semester. No student may receive an award for more than ten semesters. To meet the general eligibility requirements, the student must maintain enrollment in nine or more credit hours during the semester of the award. The number of awards is limited and awards are contingent on availability of funds; having a teaching or research assistantship does not guarantee remission will be awarded. There is no application process for tuition remission. Tuition remission is not offered during the summer.

Out-of-state students and international students with permanent resident status ("green card") are encouraged to establish legal residence in North Carolina and to apply for classification as a state resident for tuition purposes. State laws preclude international students who are not permanent residents (do not hold a green card) from establishing residency, so these students must pay the out-of-state rate in all semesters unless tuition remission is granted. Guidelines and application forms for establishing residency are available from the UNC Graduate School.