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Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Graduate Program

Financial Aid

Tuition remission is the reduction of the tuition rate. Currently, no tuition is charged to graduate students. This is subject to change. This remission is a scholarship provided by the NC State Legislature for students with identifiable talents who have been awarded research, teaching, or graduate assistantships. Additional annual fees are assessed.

Out-of-state students and students holding a "green card" are encouraged to establish legal residence in North Carolina and to apply for classification as state residents for tuition purposes. State laws preclude international students with a non-resident status (i.e., international students who do not hold a green card) from establishing residency, so these students must pay the out-of-state rate in all semesters unless tuition remission is granted. Guidelines and application forms for establishing residency are available at The UNC Graduate School.

STIPENDS: (2013-2014)

First Year $6,660
Second Year $6,660
Third Year $6,660

Regardless of the availability of financial support, teaching responsibilities are a part of the graduate program.