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Dental Hygiene Master's Program

Degree Requirements

Academic requirements will conform to those already set by the UNC-CH Graduate School. Actual credit hour requirements will vary from 41-46 based on the individual background of the student. In addition to the required core, students must complete one of the minors listed below. Credit hour requirements are as follows:

Core Requirements Credits
DHED 115 Current Concepts in Clinical Skills 0-2
DHED 120 Educational Concepts 2
DHED 136 Clinical/Laboratory Teaching 2
DHED 160A Seminar in Education and Research 1
DHED 160B Seminar in Education and Research 1
DHED 230 Organization and Administration 3
DHED 237 Internship 6-9
DHED 393 Thesis 3
DENG 201 Intro to Research Design 1
DENT 202 Biostatistics 2
DENG 203 Applied Research Methods 2
DENG 210 Scientific Computing 2
  Elective 3
Total 28-33 credit hours in core curriculum

Minors Credits
Biological Sciences 12
Clinical Education 9
Dental Radiology 12
Management/Administration 9
Oral Pathology 11