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Advanced Dental Education

Oral Epidemiology PhD Program - PhD Departmental Requirements

The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the only doctoral degree offered by the Department of Epidemiology. On average, the doctoral program requires around three to five years for completion following the Master's or other advanced degree. After all credit requirements have been completed, the student may maintain student status by registering for three credits of EPID 394.. The program is research-oriented, and centers around a major research project. The PhD dissertation should involve innovative research and demonstrate a sophisticated comand of epidemiologic skills. Requirements are specified by the Department within regulations prescribed by the Graduate School. The Graduate School requires four semesters of residence credit; at least two of the four must be earned in continuous registration of no fewer than six credit hours. Residence credit earned on work for a Master's degree at UNC-CH is applicable as residence credit for a doctoral degree. At least six semester hours of credit must be earned for dissertation (EPID 394).