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Advanced Dental Education

Oral Epidemiology PhD Program - Admissions Information


To be considered for entry into this track, applicants must possess:

Additionally, post-baccalaureate students without professional doctoral degrees are eligible to enroll in this program, but only clinicians will be eligible for funding under this traineeship mechanism.


Before you start making any formal application procedures, please contact Dr. Gary Slade to make sure the admission procedures have not changed since this Website was last updated.

Admission criteria are applied equally to all applicants regardless of race, gender, national origin or religion. The University of North Carolina encourages minority students to apply.

Applications to the Graduate School of the University of North Carolina must be made by January 1 for entry into the program in the Fall semester (e.g., the application deadline is January 1, 2014 for entry into the program in Fall 2014). Applicants sending their materials later than the January 1 deadline have limited opportunities for admission. The goal of the Department of Epidemiology is to have all admissions decisions made by April 1 for students to begin classes the following fall semester.

Because the program is administered through the UNC Graduate School, you need to follow their application process. Click Here to link to that page. Please state on the application that you have interest in oral disease.


Applications for admission to the program are made through the UNC Graduate School. General questions may be directed to:

The Graduate School
University of North Carolina
200A Bynum Hall, CB# 4010
Chapel Hill NC 27599-4010

Phone: 919.966.2611

On-line Graduate Admission Application can be found here: